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Shari Malyn

Black & White figure drawings, Mixed Media Figure Drawings and Still Life(s).

Lisa Goldfinger-Shari Malyn Studio
20 Waterston Road
Newton MA 02458
Cross Street is Franklin
Home 617-244-4600
Studio 617-795-1752

I like a challenge, and what is more difficult, intriguing and magical than attempting to represent the human form?

My goal is to bring the body, the most complex visual form, down to a minimum of lines and shading.
The work is done with immediacy and I'm looking for immediate comprehension and emotion from the viewer.

After many years of working behind still, television and movie cameras, I feel the need to experience my true passion and feel the human form through my own imagery and hand.

I draw quickly. My hand almost dancing with my materials to create an image.
There is no time for over-thinking and being in my head.

After a childhood partially spent in Japan, I am greatly influenced by the simplicity and pureness of Japanese line drawing and composition.
And after years spent working with fashion models and actors, working with life drawing models and their realistic bodies, has proved to be rejuvenating and helped bring me back to reality -- to the real world.



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